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Nov 17, 2009 5:00am EST
thinks so and what they're doing about it... and obama in china... the economic issues the president will discuss with america's biggest creditor... first look lawmakers in the house financial services committee continue to drilwn on the financial overhaul package on tuesday... could see some movement on that this week.... also the senate banking committee wi talk re about protecting consumers from overdraft fees.. and cracking down on abusive practices.. us postal service loses almost 4 billion dollars in 2009 - despite cutting 40-thousand jobs. a even though jobs are hard to come by these days... railers are still hiring for the holidays - we get the story from angie miles.. good morning everybody... hodaysight now. and whether you are looking for part timwork for extra christmas cash-- or, you've been out of work for a while and want to take advantage of stores adding on seasonal staff, we have tiderhe insview of what you can expect. broll john challenger sot john challenger/challenger, gray & christmas, inc. broll help wanted sign sot henry mata/target broll targe
Nov 11, 2009 5:00am EST
and we'll look at that part of the story as well. >>> plus new numbers on president obama's new housing plan, why one calls it abysmal progress. >> we're getting a first look at another set of proposed new rules to overhaul the financial system. the senate banking committee released a draft proposal on tuesday. it's more than 1,100 pages long. one of the biggest ideas is to create a single agency to regulate banks called the financial institutions regulatory administration. that administration would overseeing the nation's banking activity. the proposal advocates taking away those powers from the federal reserve and the fdic. experts say that is not likely to happen. >> i don't think it's going to happen because i think the fed has too much power. i also think that in the current political environment sheila bear, who is the chair woman of the fdics has too much power and it's not going to happen. >> another goal of this new proposal is to create a new office of credit-rating agencies to regulate the companies that gave aaa ratings to the toxic loans that ended up failing. it would also
Nov 9, 2009 5:00am EST
the end of this year... can now count on several more weeks of financial help... after president obama signed into law new legislation... for an extra 20 weeks of benefits in states where the unemployment rate is higher than 8.5%.. and an extra 14 weeks for all other states... its' the fourth extention that congress has passed... which means many americans are now eligible to receive a total of up to 99 weeks of benefits. with the unemployment rate now slightly over 10% - reaching that point much earlier than expected... the president tried to console americans...about the worsening jobs picture. history tells us job growth lags behind economic growth have to continue to pursue measures that create new jobs. i can promise you i won't let up until americans who want to find work can find work... until americans can earn enough to raise their families and keep their businesses open the new unemployment benefits extention... will help more than 1 million americans... and it only covers people losing their benefits before the end of this year... it does not help those going off unemploymen
Nov 19, 2009 5:00am EST
investments in private enterprise, the obama administration has signaled a desire to fast-track an i-p-o for g-m. uncle sam currently owns 61-percent of the car maker and has extended 30- billion dollars in bankruptcy financing. gm is currently in the process of revaluing its balance sheet, to account for the company's assets and liabilities since emerging from bankruptcy in july. but even with a so called fast track, a g-m i-p-o is not likely until the fourth quarter of&20-10 at the earliest. coming up next michael palmer - group 1 trading it's been more like running th the bulls in the stock market... how long does that last? michael palmer would group one trading joining us from the chicago board of options exchange were talking about rising gas prices the highest they've been since june the great national averages 263 a gallon from 209 a year ago. well predicting higher gasoline prices cut into consumer spending and consumer confidence? as far less consumer spending goes this is a double when me a good reason why did the oil is up as much as it is because the dollar is falling. that ha
Nov 30, 2009 5:00am EST
sometime historical and you get these big rallies the economy falls in this week president obama will be holding a job conference on thursday with leaders from the banking business and labour sector and the gold if is to figure out ways to speed up job creation. with gold trading at record highs... anyone involved in the gold business is probably making a mint these days....from pawn shops that buy scrap jewelry... to the refining companies that recycle gold... today we get a first hand look at what happens when gold jewelry is melted down. these days... gold refining companies like this one in the midwest are working to the max .... never in recent history have they been busier. i have 5 guys running 12 hour days... peter spector has worked in the gold refining business for almost a decade. he says workers often come in on the weekends just to open packages full of gold jewelry... coming in from customers. a refiner can take in up to 400 pounds of gold a day... everything from necklaces, braclets.. and rings... it takes about 25 minutes to melt all this stuff into a bar. but th
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5